Experience healing and personal growth in a profound and empowering way!

Unlock the amazing healing power within your own body.

Stop living on auto pilot. Learn why you do what you do, and how to change your programming. 

This is a dynamic approach to healing and balancing your body, mind, and emotional well-being by combining a blend of holistic healing modalities and technological devices. Each session is customized to the needs of the individual.

Combining Technology & Technique

Is it better to honor the wisdom of the past, or look to the new discoveries science has unraveled? Why not both! Soothing Rayne Wellness Services is dedicated to gleaning the best mankind has created and discovered from the past and present. Blending old with new to heal the mind, body, and emotional well-being. In this way we hope to create balance within and without by Empowering and Enhancing through Technology and Technique!

There is Beauty in the Combining of Creation and Created