Quantum Remedy Maker

A Quantum remedy is a Homeopathic-style remedy? What is a Homeopathic remedy? It is a solution that contains a diluted active ingredient known to cause some form of disruption in the body (allergy, illness, & other negative reactions). It has been found in scientific studies (refer to The Field) that when a solution is diluted and successed to the point of virtually no ingredient left, it carries the energy frequency of the original substance. Instead of causing the expected issue with the body, it has the reverse effect. The remedy helps the body to improve the condition the original substance would cause.

A Quantum remedy does not use a diluted substance. Rather it uses a signature energy frequency that has been lasered into water molecules. A vial of this sollution and any other vial needed are placed on a Remedy Maker that copies the combined frequencies into a ‘mother’ sollution. It is this final sollution that is ingested by the recipiant. It is surmised that this Quantum Complex acts as programming to instruct the body on how to heal itself.

SRWS is able to make personalized remedies. A personalized remedy is the specific frequency that an individual personally needs to promote healing. These are typically more beneficial than generic remedies because Applied Kinesiology is used to find the layer that the body needs to address first.