Frequency Music

Sound is yet another form of energy. Many have expireinced the emotional healing of the perfect song at a difficult moment. Or the upliftment and energizing effects of an upbeat song. A song can help us to feel, release, and/or untangle an emotion that we needed to connect with in order to process an event or soothe a state of mind. The song acts as a guide that leads us through the emotional forest of our mind. A song can change the low vibrational level we are at, promoting joy and movement that distract us away from a negitive or numb emotional state. These are ways sound heals.

What is used during a SRWS session is music containing certain vibrational frequancies that are understood to promote healing and balancing of the body, mind, and spirit. It is similuar to how a tuning fork can cause another object to vibrate at the same hertz it is vibrating at. Our mind and body can be effected and entrained to a different state by being exposed to different frequencies.