What is Soothing Rayne Wellness Services?

Soothing Rayne Wellness Services, or SRWS, is a holistic alternative health and wellness practice. It is a combination of protocols
that are blended together to enhance a person’s natural ability to heal ones self physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each session is tailored to the individual by using Applied Kinesiology to tap into a person’s subconscious and cellular memories. In this way the root issues are discovered and addressed. (For a list and explanation of each modality please see Services.)

What will I feel?

Everyone’s experience is different. Reactions have ranged from immediate relief of symptoms to minimal initial sensations at the time of a session, then progressive improvement of well-being. People already sensitive to feeling their Qi (energy of the body – see Medical Qigong) often have the most physical sensations during their session. Depending on the focus of the healing addressed, there may be emotional release as well. Please keep in mind, sometimes a person is depleted, repressed, and/or disconnected from themselves. So even though change may not be apparent at first, improvement is happening under the surface.

Can you cure my in one session?

This protocol is not provided by a doctor. I can not diagnose, treat, or cure disease. SRWS is designed to assist and enhance what your body is already capable of doing. Most health issues did not take a day to form, so they rarely clear up in a day. Profound healing can occur, especially for people who are open and ready for a major shift.

Bring Out Your Shine!

SRWS’ goal is to uncover and enhance the best you, by teaching you to be aware of and step into your own power to heal yourself! We are social creatures, so it stands to reason that we need each other’s help to thrive. I find this is true of healing. We work better together. So look at this as a training ground designed to help you bring out your best self on all levels!