The Halo System

The Halo System is a Photon-Botanical Treatment System that uses full spectrum and violet LED light to transport the harmonics, or vibrational frequencies of multiple botanical blends directly into the body. Light-waves (photon energy) are capable of carrying the vibrational frequencies (harmonics) of the contents of any liquid through which it passes. The Halo acts as an “energy transporter” whereby the light-waves carry the vibrational frequency of select botanical liquid concentrates and imprints those vibrational frequencies into the body in such a way that the body reacts as though the healing properties of the botanical blends have been ingested in concentrated amounts to alleviate a particular ailment. This results in immediate and often long-term positive health benefits.

Full Spectrum white light contains all light waves.

Light therapy itself has been proven beneficial for helping depression, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and vitiligo. It also aids in speeding up healing recovery time. Adding the benefit of plant nutrients to the healing power of light makes The Halo System in a class of its own. The range of issues it addresses is varied. It provides mental, emotional, and physical support through a number of specifically formulated blends created by the inventor, Micheal Thomas, whom applied his background as a chemist to the natural world.

The light is applied in two main protocols. Direct- the light is shined directly on the area of concern. It initially affects the skin directly under the light and cells to the depth of 3-6cm. Systematic- the light is shined on the neck to be absorbed by the blood stream and on the ears and feet to utilize acupuncture energy points. Within the veins, the vibrational frequency pattern is carried with the current of energy in the blood stream. In both the Direct and Systematic protocols the harmonics are carried deeper into the body through secondary messengers. The body has an innate knowing about how to utilize the energy and where to take it.