Medical Qigong

Energy Medicine

Medical Qigong is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that focuses on balancing the body’s energy for therapeutic benefits. Qigong is translated: Qi – Energy of the Body, Gong – Work. It is an energy medicine protocol similar to Raki, Shiatsu, and other modalities that work with the energy of the body. Qi can also be understood as the fundamental life force energy that is in all living things. In Scientific terms, Qi is the electricity generated within an organism. Science can now measure this bio-electricity and understands the body to be a living electromagnetic field. This field is affected by our thoughts, emotions, activities, environment (both natural and man made), and the Qi and thoughts of other people.

The practitioner uses their own energy to release blockages in the client’s energy channels in order to stimulate physical changes. By opening the energy channels, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced. It is putting Einstein’s statement that ‘all matter is energy’ to practical use because effecting the cells on an energetic level starts a chain reaction that becomes observable in a physical way.

‘Qi is stored within the body in the form of pools, creating the structures of the internal organs. From these internal pools, the body’s life-force energy flows in the form of rivers and streams. These energetic rivers and streams form the body’s vessels, channels, and collateral systems.’- Excerpts from Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text; By: Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson PH.D., DTCM, DMQ

The Chinese Medicine Doctor, Dr. Steven Blackstone, says a good way to explain it is that it is like needle-less acupuncture. The energy from the practitioner’s body is used to open your energy channels, which is the goal of acupuncture. They detect, move, break up, and pull out energy blockages that are the root cause of the issues in your body.

A client may have a wide range of experiences, or feel nothing at all. Very often those that have strong sensations were already sensitive to feeling the movement of their energy. We all have the ability to feel our Qi. It’s just that most of us have tuned out. In all cases, the more you work with your energy system, the more in-tune to it you become.