Jenica Moultrup

Her journey into alternative medicine started with her family’s poor health. Her son developed a chronic cough that would start in the fall and get worse through the winter. This happened 3 years in a row. The doctor prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics with minimal improvement. At one point he developed walking Pneumonia while on his third round of antibiotics! Jenica herself developed a pain in her ear that would get worse when she ate sugar. It got so bad it would flare up from even smelling sugar and processed food. The doctor saw no indication of infection, but prescribed antibiotics anyway. They didn’t work. Her husband’s health started to decline as well. The primary care doctor referred him to a specialist. The specialist told him he was just getting older. He was 29 at the time!

Jenica has always been one to question what she didn’t understand. The answers, or lack there of, she was getting from the main stream western medicine community were not good enough for her. After all that her family had been through she wanted better answers, not to mention better results! Family friends referred them to Dr. Zilliox; a chiropractor, nutritionist, and holistic doctor. The answers he had helped them understand their bodies better. And the protocols he provided worked! Jenica sat in his office thinking, ‘I would love to be a part of this.’ So she set about learning all she could in an effort to do just that.

Her search led her into the world of Alternative Healthcare. She studied modalities that used energy from light, sound, water, and the body to help enhance a person’s natural ability to heal themselves. She created Soothing Rayne Wellness Services as a unique blend of ancient wisdom and advanced science in order to harness the best humanity has discovered to improve itself.